Creamy Chanterelle Fettuccine

2015 Oct 11

After a nice dinner with my friends, one of them informed me he had gone mushroom hunting and presented me with a bowl of freshly picked chanterelles. They were so beautiful! My loved one and I first thought about making wild rice with mushrooms since that has been our go-to side dish with trout, but then I thought we should make something that highlights the taste of chanterelles to stand on its own. After careful deliberation by both of us, we settled on a cream and white wine sauce.

Picking red wine is easier than picking white wine, as I studied red wine in school before having to drop the class to come to Oregon. I could have gone with something Italian, but being a fan of South American wine, I got excited by one from Chile and one from Mendoza, Argentina. I picked the torront├ęs as it seemed like the right application. The torront├ęs is a lot more forward on the palate, but without the astringent aftertaste. It is more sweet than dry, but not cloyingly so. In fact, it nearly disappeared into the sauce and really brought out the chanterelle flavor.