Cameron Adamez

Full-stack web programmer who gets the job done.

Programming languages

  • Ruby
  • Python
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • HTML5 & CSS

Technologies used

  • Linux-based deployment with Ansible, Capistrano
  • PostgreSQL, MySQL configuration and usage
  • Git, Mercurial
  • Command-line scripting with Python and Ruby
  • Ruby related: Ruby on Rails, Flatware
  • Python related: Django, Flask
  • Javascript related: Node, JQuery, CoffeeScript


Web developer, Mother Jones

Deployed and maintained a customized version of Datawrapper for internal and external use. Conducted initial user observation, created mockups and created a demo for a text editor for journalists.

Skills used
Django, NodeJS with Dust templates, vanilla Javascript, CSS, PHP, Ruby (Flatware), Git
User observation, prototyping (paper and digital with Flask)
Deployment to Amazon S3 (CentOS, Ubuntu) with Ansible

Web developer, Sprig Health

Created a Rails application for medical practitioners (both conventional and alternative) to list their services and schedule to allow prepayment for appointments. The team tested and deployed code in an Agile fashion, and maintained servers for production and demonstration.

Skills used
Ruby on Rails, CoffeeScript/JQuery, Mercurial
Deployment to RedHat servers with Capistrano

Project assistant, Luz

Tasks for this project includes bug reports and testing revisions on alternate hardware, investigating new devices for interaction, contributing suggestions, writing plugins, creating assets, speaking about the project, and enacting live performances. Level of involvement has pushed the project toward a 1.0 release and increased community participation and user adoption.

Skills used
Ruby, testing, research, outreach

Web developer / instructor / assistant, Suspect Devices

Created and maintained website, organized and co-taught classes, worked with customers and students, designed logo and printed goods, assembled and mailed electronics kits.

Skills used
WordPress with Bootstrap, design, teaching, kitting, inventory tracking, customer service, community outreach

Assistant web designer, folktek

Helped bring the website into its second revision, creating Django templates to work with HTML5, correcting the CSS to be standards-compliant, and implemented new features in jQuery to showcase the products as both musical instruments and as functional art pieces. Brought in as a support coder to finish the website on time.

Skills used
Django, CSS, Mercurial

Web Author, CDI IT Solutions @ Intel

Worked in Intel Global Web Operations to maintain and create product pages in HTML and XML using the Documentum CMS. Administered IT@Intel microsite. Assisted in subprojects for content migration to different platforms. Functioned as the go-to person for converting table-based product pages into standards-compliant HTML pages.

Skills used
HTML, CSS, Python scripting

Intern, Smithsonian Global Sound

Added and expanded site content. Helped catalogue CD and sound file archives. Involved in preparation for the Folklife Festival webcast. Tested and debugged website features for multiplatform use. Became a trusted technology consultant for Smithsonian Folkways employees.

Skills used
HTML, CSS, short-form writing