<<set $inanity = $inanity + 1>>"No really, where are you from?"\n<<if $inanity eq 3 >>[[I'm originally from Texas.|tejas]]<<else>>[[I'm from America.|convo1]]<<endif>>
<<set $texan = true>><<set $inanity = $inanity + 1 >>"But you don't <em>look</em> Mexican!"\n\n[[I'm totally Mexican.|wat]]
just tell them to shut up
"Wow, it's nice to meet you! Where are you from?"\n[[I'm American.|merka]]
"No, I meant where your family is from."\n\n[[My family is from Texas. I'm 5th generation Texan.|whitesplaining]]\n\n[[(insert long-winded explanation of the colonization of Texas by Mexico)|eyes]]
<<silently>>\n<<set $inanity = 0 >>\n<<set $texan = false>>\n<<endsilently>>\nevery conversation with a stranger [[starts like this|convo1]].
"WELL I'm a eigth Cherokee on my mom's side, and a 16th German and a quarter Lebanese and a seventh Portuguese and my maid growing up was <<if $texan eq true>>from Guatemala<<else>>a Black lesbian from Ghana<<endif>> and she taught me lots of words but also I lived in Texas for a while and I can speak some Spanish so you should listen to me speak some Spanish at you because it's really good and also I love burritos and salsa music it's why I love being American!!!!!!"\n\n[[Uh-huh.|doordash]]
<<set $inanity = $inanity + 1 >>"Nuh-uh!"\n\n<<if $inanity gte 8>>[[Then where are you from?!|whitesplaining]]\n[[(Calculating escape route...)|doordash]]\n<<else>>\n[["Yeah-huh."|wat]]\n<<endif>>
just tell them you have to pee\n\njust tell them you are late to your doctor's appointment\n\njust tell them you would love to continue this conversation but look the food is already here and isn't it a lovely day?\n\njust tell them you have [[better things to do or...|end]]